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Location and Protocol for Drive-In Services

Location & Protocol for Drive-In Services
1. Congregants will sign up weekly (on Wednesdays, after 7:30
pm) for the services they wish to attend. The online link and
procedures for doing so will be sent to members. For visitors,
please contact cccorganizers@gmail.com

2. When booking your Sunday reservation, please include the full
name of the driver, for contact-tracing purposes. This
information will only be kept for 30 days.

3. Bring your own bread and wine/cup for communion.

4. Drivers are responsible to inform the occupants of their vehicle
of the rules in the Drive-In Service Covid Safety Plan (below)

5. Drivers and passengers must follow all instructions of

6. Tune your radio to FM 107.9 to join the audio for the service.

7. Stay in your vehicle for the duration of the service and promptly
leave when the service is over.

8. There is to be no socializing or congregating outside of

Drive-In Service Covid Safety Plan

1. All those participating must fully cooperate with the organizers/

2. Drivers must enter through the roadside gate and leave by the
parkside gate.

3. Drivers must follow the instructions of the parking lot patrols.

4. Drivers and passengers must stay in their vehicles for the
duration of the service and only leave their vehicles and enter
the building if they are part of the hosting team (in which case
they should use the front door) or need to use the washroom
(in which case they must enter the building only through the
side door).

5. Everyone must comply with physical distancing/mask
requirements when outside their vehicles (as hosts or to use
the washrooms).

6. The organizers will keep a record of the contact information of
the drivers of each vehicle for contact tracing purposes for 30
days and will destroy this information after 30 days.

Restricted Drive-In & Livestream Worship Services

    Our present schedule of weekly corporate worship:
    • Sunday morning at 10:00 (with Lord’s Supper)
    • Sunday evening at 5:00 (abbreviated; shorter sermon; no
    Lord’s Supper)
    • Both services will be available by livestream on YouTube:
    Visitors please contact cccorganizers@gmail.com to register
    to attend a service or to obtain the password for our post-
    Sunday morning service fellowship by Zoom.

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